Parker Mitchell

Computer Engineer

BOB: Big Orange Bramble

A Low Power ARM Cluster

Documentation: PDF Link
Video: Systems Video, Applications Video

Cluster Overview

  • 64 Compute Nodes
  • 256 total ARM Cortex A53 cores @ 1.15 Ghz
  • 64GB total aggregate RAM
  • Dual 48 port Gigabit Ethernet switches
  • 12TB of Distributed Network Storage Across 3 Storage Nodes
  • Per node monitoring system with a monitoring node to aggregate real-time data
  • 1kW SMPS Power Distribution System
  • Gigabit Ethernet to the University of Tennessee network
  • Both NFS and OrangeFS distributed storage systems

Performance Metrics

  • HPL Rpeak estimated to be 441.6 GFLOPs
  • Achieved HPL Rmax of 6.5 GFLOPs on a single node versus an estimated Rpeak of 6.9 GFLOPs
  • Current performance of ~150 GFLOPs across all nodes
  • Performance is heavily limited by commmunication speed — compute heavy tasks will fare better than data heavy tasks in general.